Sensor technology and artificial intelligence creating a world wherein everyone is a better version of themselves.

Personalized information

Real-time insights to improve overall physical and emotional well-being.

Biomechanics simplified

Better performance, lesser injuries and faster recovery.

Ultra portable

Only sensors.
No force plates. No cameras.

Forces without plates

Development and absorption, every step of the way.

MoCap without cameras

3D movement analysis.
Every segment. Every joint.

Full body analysis

Comprehensive, lab validated and research grade.

Immediate diagnostics

Experience the power of cloud. Anytime, anywhere.

Gait analysis

More than just steps and calories.

Actionable insights

Track symptoms and identify cause with a population specific scoring system.

Virtual consultations

Better care at home. A data driven approach in tele-health.

Exercise recommendations

Individualized and tailored programs with video guidance.

Progression tracking

Baselining and continuous monitoring of performance, injuries and recovery.

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