Why choose Us

Our unique capability to provide bio-mechanical insight will help in injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Our Mission

To blend medicine, science and technology to help evolve the health, wellness and fitness industries.

What we Do

We provide the most accurate and inexpensive wearable solution that enables continuous monitoring of full body biomechanics in a natural environment.

Ground Reaction Forces

Body Impulses


Joint Kinetics


Velocity & Acceleration

Air Time

Ground Contact Time

Vertical Height

Work Done



Steps & Reps



Siddhanth Thingalaya

Equilibrium is my hope to win India’s first Olympic medal in Track & Field history

Lionel Larry

I believe very strongly that Equilibrium would have been the perfect to prevent 70% of these injuries. Just having the information available would have given us the opportunity to make adjustments to my training, strength and conditioning program to address all deficiencies. I look forward to being a part of the development of Equilibrium in efforts to prevent the issues I experienced from happening to our future athletes.

Lionel Larry Adidas, Former USC Trojan
Alitta Boyd

Equilibrium is a very valuable resource in this day and age of the analyzed athlete. An easy access to this data all year round will provide an advantage in injury prevention and achieving that perfect form.

Alitta Boyd Long and Triple Jumps, Olympic Prospect and Former USC Trojan
Alie Beau

Equilibrium helps me to train at optimal capacity without putting myself at the risk of injuries and allows me to listen to my body.

Alie Beau 400m Hurdles, Brooks Running, Haiti National Record Holder
Jessica Davis

Equilibrium helps me understand my body and learn to collaborate with my coach to train more efficiently.

Jessica Davis 100m & 200m Sprits, Former USC Trojan
Kate Wislon

Equilibrium will help me avoid future injuries, maintain better form technique and help me make it to this years World Championships and the 2020 USA Olympic Team.

Kate Wilson 400m, 400m Hurdles & 4x400m Relays
Kenneth Medwood

Equilibrium helps me perform better at a macro level - physically, mentally, emotionally and financially by allowing me to analyze my body at the micro level

Kenneth Medwood 400m Hurdles, 2012 Olympian for Belize

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